$3000.00 Guaranteed
First Prize
Courtesy of Lees Campgrounds

$3000.00 Guaranteed
First Prize
Courtesy of Lees Campgrounds



Team Registration Is


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$300.00 Per team, 2-4 Man teams required for this tournament. Max 4 shooters per boat. Big 10 Format.


Please join this great association.

The BAA is the only organization that really cares about this great sport. They can provide a lot of info that you may need on this sport and help you out if you run a tournament. So give them a try.

A big thanks to the BAA for voting Michael Barber and Kevin Shatley as the New York State Reps. We will do our very best to represent New York in the sport of bowfishing.

The Latest news happening with the Springfling Bowfishing Tournament:

Power max has just agreed to be a sponsor they will be providing one 12 volt converter and one 24 volt converter plus shitrs, and hats , and stickers for a total of a $500.00 value.

The first two bowfishing companies have commited to the tournament and they are Bowfishing Extreme and Cajun Archery. Thank you .

Lees Campgrounds is donating A $100.00 gift card for the team that travels the farthest.

Black Street Archery has just donated a fully rigged  PSE Mudd Dawg bow  A $500.00 value.


Registration-Please email us for Entry Form

Pre-Register from Jan.1, 2019 until March. 1, 2019 and your team goes into a drawing for one of several guided bowfishing trips. You can register until May 15, 2019 by check, money order,        pay pal. Make checks and money orders out to Springfling bowfishing.  After May 15th  it will be cash only the day of the tournament.  Please send checks or money orders to

                                 Springfling Bowfishing

                                 1503 Hudson Avenue

                                  Stillwater, NY. 12170

         There are NO REFUNDS if you cancel and  cannot come to the shoot, no replacement team may take your spot either.

Tournament Rules

1. 2-4 man teams required, max is 4 people per boat.

2. 10 fish per team allowed. the highest weight of the 10 fish will be the winner. In case of a tie the 1st team that weighed in will be the winner.

3. All fish must be shot within a 70 mile radius of the weigh-in station. You may also shoot any part of Lake Champlain for the Sprinfling Bowfishing Tournament.

4. Mandatory boat checks will be done the day of the tournament. After your boat passes inspection you will receive a token. This token is required for weigh-ins. NO TOKEN NO WEIGH-IN!

5. Only fish shot with a bow will be allowed, No crossbows. The fish must be alive when shot.

6. You may not encroach within 25 yards of another shooting team or 150 feet of any dwelling. Any violations of these rules will lead to your disqualification.

7. No alcohol will be allowed at the registration, the mandatory meeting, or any time during the entire shoot.

8. Unsportsmenlike conduct will result in being escorted off the grounds and banned from any future tournaments run by the Springfling Bowfishing Organization.

Any member of the Springfling Bowfishing Organization has the right to disqualify any team if they see fit to. 

Weigh-in Rules

1. You must be in line with your boat by 11 am. Anyone arriving after 11 am will not be allowed to weigh in.

2. Weigh-ins start at 11 am. You can enter up to 10 fish. The team with the highest total weight wins.

3. All fish will remain at the weigh-in station and are subject to inspection.

4. Every effort must be made to have the fish clean.

5. You must have a token to weigh-in. No token no weigh-in.

6. If there is a tie in weight the first team that weighed in is the winner.


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Face Book Page: Ny Bowfishing Tournament

Email Address : nybowfishing@gmail.com

Springfling Bowfishing Tournament June 1, 2019

Lees Park 1464 Rte 9p, Saratoga Springs, NY. 12866